Which way is down?

When baking our Freezer to Oven Croissants, you want to ensure the frozen croissants are situated correctly on the baking sheet so they don't unroll. The two pictures above show the BOTTOM of the each croissant. The flat side and tail of the Butter Croissant (left) should be placed down on the baking sheet. The seam of the Chocolate Croissant (right) should be placed down on the baking sheet.


Space 'em out

When baking all 6 Croissants together, be sure to space the croissants at least two inches apart, with the rounded side up. Each Croissant has also already been egg washed, so the rounded side will look light yellow, and might be a little shiny. Ensuring this side is right side up on the baking sheet will guarantee a nice golden brown crust!


Golden Brown

Your Croissants are finished when they are puffed and deeply golden brown. Be sure to look between the layers too and continue baking until they're golden brown all over.